Alouette 2 – SE 3130

We never write something into “coming soon” posts, but for that one we have to !

I’m the designer of Dimville Factory and i’ve to tell you why that model is so special. Aviation is a passion since my childhood, especially helicopters. RC hobby is also a big passion, i’ve started at the age of 10 years old with scratch build from Graupner, the Taxi 1. Yeah that’s old, i’m 35 now. we’re talking about the 90’s. My goal was to own and fly a RC Alouette 2 but in 90’s the cost is a way to much for my parents and i’m 10 so working is illegal.

While learning to fly with my 2 axis Taxi 1, I kept in box each buck from Christmas and birthday i could get to later pay my dreaming RC helicopter. Few years later, in 20’s it’s done ! I bought a Nexus 30 from Kyosho and learnt how to fly a RC helicopter.

I’ve started to work at the age of 18 like aircraft mechanic and I spent my first paycheck for a Hirobo Alouette 2 (Lama). I had hundreds and hundreds hours of flight with it, I finally let it to a good friend for free who was also crazy about that helicopter but had no money to buy one. Each Sunday morning we were together flying the Alouette 2, learning new things and flying  other vintage stuffs for years.

That was such real good times with him. I had to left my flying matte and my country for private reasons, he promised me to keep the helicopter and let me fly again when i’m back.

I came back, but my flying matte was not here anymore, he died from a brain tumor few months before. So each time I see an RC Alouette 2  i think about him.

Each model i design is a challenge but than one … Many peoples said “the Alouette 2 is impossible to design for FDM printing”, It took me 3 months but that was my duty to get it done. My matte fought each day to stay alive so i used the same energy to make it possible.

That model was made in memory of Jerome and the whole good time we had together.


Model spec: 28cm length
FDM printed, 0.4 mm nozzle

Piper J-3 Cub

Your favorite aerobatic aircraft ?