Aviation Education

We care about aviation, but aviation is nothing without learning.

Aviation is a complex world, many domains, tons of stuffs to know. That’s why we have an open document center for  pilots, mechanics, students, trainer, …

Text and pictures are a good supports but could stay abstract, so we work with many schools  and students to  bring the physic real. With our model kits,  children (not below 10 years)  could learn the anatomy of a plane, students could visualize  the mechanic of a flight, trainer set the flight, testing the aerodynamic factors… Possibilities are endless !

Our kits are made to be the most useful as possible in any situations. Hobby or learning engineering, we stay at your side !

Each kit “eduction friendly” are mark with:


– Could be manipulate by children not under 10 YEARS
– Fit for any official and intern flying / mechanic / aviation school program
– Fit for most of aviation’s domains (flight, nav, aerodynamic, structural, engineering … )
– Fit for flying lesson / program

In case of you need a special model or requirement, you could use the contact form.