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You’re more and more to support us and to thanks you we’ve decided to add a reward program to our shops.

How does it works ?

Very simple, we use “points”, 1 point = 1 Euro. Each time you purchase a model (STL or kit), you earn points. Those points go to your account, you could use them on your next order or accumulate to have free models.

To check your points:

STL Shop: “My account” > “Rewards”

Model kits Shop: “My account” > “My reward points”

How to use my points ?

To use your points, once your products added to your cart, go to cart’s page. You will see your available points and able to choose the amount to apply.

on STL Shop:

on Model kits Shop:

Just hit the “Apply” button and here you go ! You have discount or free model following the total amount of points.

If you have any problem or question, use the contact form or live chat.

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