The end is coming.

To be honest, we do not have good new.

Last week Paypal decided to close and lock our account, the reason: their algorithms did not appreciate the increase of orders.

We had no notice from Paypal to clarify the situation, so it’s a dead end. For sure, This account was our main and only account for STL and kits shop. So, the whole payments are kept by Paypal without any possibility for us to get our payments back.

We made and announcement on Instagram and Facebook, also sent emails to our customers explaining the situation and the loss.

All orders were shipped normally despite the economical loss. We’ve tried to save payments by sending individual email to our customers but the feedback was pretty sad.

To face the problem a new payment method (Stripe) replaced the shitty Paypal, but seems that was too late, your trust was lost despite our statements.

So, now we have bills to pay and families to support. We’ve worked very hard to make our passion a full time job, but the 2021 reality is there. Algorithms rules and decide the future for yourself.

After long talks at Dimville Factory, we’ve decided to end the story here. The economical loss is too big, 2 months and a half of payment.

What next ?

We have 2 new planes ready for the next coming days, the last planes. STLs shop will shutdown  soon and the model kits shop at the end of June.

We do not know if it’s a dead end or temporary, we first need to cover the losses. Our social networks stay  open but none of our creations will be available anymore for sale or download.

To end

During our investigations to know the reasons of Paypal decisions, we’ve discovered many small businesses had the same issue. When you screw peoples and accumulate claims, the reason is legit, but when you grow up honestly without any claim, it’s a shame.

Paypal killed our past 2 months and the trust between our customers and us.

Fuck you Paypal.

Order and get free models !

Cessna C-172