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Pitts S-2A

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First flown in 1967, the S-2A is a two-seat version of the Pitts Special. It is similar to the single-seat S-1 in basic configuration and construction, but slightly larger in overall dimensions, with no attempt at commonality or components. The increased size and power, coupled with aerodynamic changes, give the two-seater improved aerobatic and landing characteristics, and make it extremely stable in rough air conditions. Control responses are better then on the S-1. The ailerons are aerodynamically balanced for higher rate of roll at low speeds, and full vertical rolls can be made with ease. The different wing sections used on the S-2A provide inverted performance equal to conventional flight and facilitate outside loops. Structure stressed to 9“g” positive, 4-5“g” negative.

The S-2A is FAA type certified in the Normal and Aerobatic categories. It is a production airplane, not intended for the homebuilder, and plans are not available. Production was at a rate of two aircraft per month in 1974.

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