Yakovlev YAK – 54
Yakovlev YAK – 54

Yakovlev YAK – 54

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The Yakovlev Yak-54 is a 1990s Russian aerobatic and sports competition aircraft designed by the Yakovlev Aircraft Corporation.

Part of a new generation of acrobatic aircraft from the Yakovlev design bureau which has a long line of aircraft designs since 1937 with the UT-2/AIR-10, the Yak-54 is a development of the single-seat Yak-55M, designed by Chief Constructor Dmitry Drach and Lead Engineer Vladimir Popov. It first flew 23 December 1993.

It was produced by Saratov Aviation Facility in cooperation with JSV "Gorky U-2" up to 2005, when the production moved to the Arsenyev Aviation Company "Progress" facility in Arsenyev.

Dimville Factory propose you a model kit, only few parts and very simple  to assemble ! Our design’s philosophy is “simple and beautiful“. You could use the kit as it or make it more realistic by adding paint, details, …  

Kit is  produce  by FDM printer with high quality control before shipping.

Production time 48h

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