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CURA ruined our files

We had many feedback about the CURA 5 and our files. Since version 5, CURA has changed his slicing engine. From CURA’s GitHub: The problem is the way that new the CURA’s  slicing engine handle parts, especially tail edges. Here is version 5 vs 4: To avoid that, please use CURA 4.13.1 or Prusaslicer latest… continue reading

High precision & small parts with FDM printing

Want to print small parts with your stock FDM printer ? Most of the time our customers report troubles with small parts. We’ve made a first guide to help you without going deep into settings. Today it’s  time to dive deeper in the slicer ! There are few advices to simply perform precision and small … continue reading

Tips & tricks to 3D print our models

We design our models to make sure everyone with any FDM printer and any skill could success. From the feedbacks we had, we’ve decided to give you few tips and tricks. First, this is not a guide to set or troubleshoot your printer, we assume your printer and slicer are  ok. #1 Isolate parts To… continue reading

Why 3D printed RC plane is a (very) bad idea

Recently, a friend of mine, said “Hey, just finished to print my RC plane from ***, I start the build then go for fly”. Knowing well plastic properties, I was quite sceptical about printing RC plane, anyway let see. Few days later, nice sunny day, 6 deg out temperature, final checks then go ! I… continue reading

How we deal with printing quality and fails ?

Printing quality is something subjective, everyone has his own degree of quality. So to face the problem, we’ve developed a method. At Dimville Factory, we have defined printing quality in 2 parts: #1 External appearance #2 Internal structure For us, a good printing should respond to all of those points. If only one missing, we… continue reading

How we print models and parts ?

Let talk about printing ! Most of the time, peoples ask us “how do you print parts, what kind of printer you’re using …”. So w’ll answer to you, but, we have to keep some secrets to leave our production’s process private. Dimville Factory’s way  is “simple tools with the best knowledge“. We see many… continue reading

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